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News Article

Watch this Awesomely '80s News Expose on Original 'Maniac'


Maniac PosterThe original Maniac caused some controversy when it came out in 1980. Featuring Frank Zito, a serial killer who specializes in scalping his female victims, Maniac raised the ire of many a feminist group.

Watch the news story below, covering the opening night of Maniac in L.A. I especially like that the dude they interviewed who said it wasn’t as scary as Texas Chainsaw Massacre. What’s even more terrifying than Zito’s handiwork on the lovely ladies in the film? The hairstyles in this news report. Many of these talking heads could use a Zito-style trim job.

While times have changed and there are plenty of female horror fans who would be glad to argue the virtues of this film, there’s no doubt the remake will horrify as many women today as it did over thirty years ago. Read all of our Maniac remake coverage here.