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Watch Ballet Deviare's Doom-Metal Danse Macabre


Most of you already know the role ballet has played in the horror genre: two memorable examples are Dario Argento's classic Suspiria and Darren Aronofsky's award-winning Black Swan. The members of New York's Ballet Deviare actually specialize in the darker side of dance, often combining performances with a progressive metal soundtrack, and they've brought those elements together again in a haunting new short film. The nine-minute piece Disconsolate is set to the nightmarish tones of ambient doom metal, and it manages to be both beautiful and chilling at the same time. Go below to see the entire film and find out more about this very unusual troupe...

Ballet Deviare's connection to heavy metal goes back to their foundation eight years ago: one of their first crossover appearances came in 2006 when they danced to the music of Arsis on MTV2's Headbanger's Ball, and they've choreographed performances to tracks by Opeth and My Dying Bride; their renowned 2008 show Memento Mori featured live accompaniment from folk black-metal unit Gwynbleidd.

Directed by Adam Waltner, Disconsolate is based in part on the classic ballet La Bayadere, and is set to the track "Waldlander im Herbst" from ambient doom metal outfit Celestiial. The troupe describe the film as "a powerful, soul-entrancing depiction which illustrates the depths of human suffering."

You can see HD versions of these metal-dance performances on their official site, and be sure to check out the latest one below... this ain't your mom's ballet!