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Watch the Best Scene in 'Prometheus' -- Animated!


Love it or hate it, Prometheus has one scene that easily puts it on my list of the Top Films Not to Show Pregnant Women. Now one clever fellow has taken that truly disturbing scene and made a hilarious cartoon out of it. Watch it below.


James Lee Animation is the outfit behind the above short, called Pregnetheus. Says Lee, "I saw Prometheus a couple of weeks ago and despite some clunky plot points, I loved how it looked. I haven't really done much parody type stuff, so I thought I'd see what I could do with my own rendition of the cesarean scene. I've been dying to do a medium size animation for a while now, so here's the result of two weeks of work. We wanted to get it out in one, but there were too many issues that extended the deadline. We'll see how we go for the next one."

For more, check out James Lee Animation's YouTube Channel.