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Watch Doug Jones in 'Universal Dead'


Longtime FEARnet fans know that we make no attempt to hide our love for Doug Jones here. The versatile actor has popped up in all sorts of cool genre projects in recent years (from Pan's Labyrinth to Angel of Death to our own Jobs of the Damned, pictured above). And, having interviewed him numerous times, I can attest that he's pretty much the nicest guy in Hollywood. Doug's latest role is in Universal Dead, a new online series about a zombie-infested world, in which humanity's only hope lies with a lone scientist, and the military team (played by real-life Navy SEAL's) assigned to protect him. Doug's not in the first episode (though his co-stars D.B. Sweeney and Gary Graham are), but he'll surface in an upcoming one soon. So get ready for him -- hit the jump and start watching Universal Dead now.

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And, of course, Doug's Jobs of the Damned episode, in which he explains how to act like a zombie...