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Watch GWAR's 'Let Us Slay' Video Now!

Intergalactic Scumdogs GWAR have just completed the video for Let Us Slay, the first single from their new album Lust In Space. The depraved cosmic adventures of Oderus Urungus and his flatulent cohorts are documented in this cheesy (but heavy) epic, which we’ve posted below the jump – so put on a helmet, strap on any other accessories you might enjoy, and take a trip to filthy worlds beyond!

Oderus spewed forth more self-adoration in the band’s latest update, and stated (after allegedly indulging in 'a huge hit of crack laced with horse tranquilizer and kitty litter') that the new video 'provides actual first-hand footage of GWAR's recent travels through outer space and our cosmic struggle against that intergalactic asshole Cardinal Syn... this should put an end to any speculation that we are not really from outer space... you can really see us flying around on spaceships and shit!' And fly around they do, in a garish and in-your-face performance piece that will make you nostalgic for '80s video technology.

Oderus sang the praises of video director David Brodsky, who also directed the video for GWAR’s cover of Alice Cooper’s School’s Out. 'He is a very talented and effusively garrulous sort of guy, and he works for rocks,' Oderus explained. His other compliments were reserved for himself, as well as a cult celebrity whose association with the band is highly suspect.

'I am particularly excited about the many dance moves that I executed in the course of the video,' he concluded. 'I recently studied under Christopher Walken, and after working very hard he gave me the nickname ‘Twinkletoes!''

We’ll consider the jury out on that one, but you can judge those moves for yourself… check out Let Us Slay below!