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Watch John Carpenter's 'TheThing' in Claymation!

THIS is what happens every time dogs and cats live together -- the dogs get slaughted and replicated by an alien shapeshifter who then tries to kill the cats. At least that's my take-away from the new stop-motion claymation short film adaptation of John Carpenter's classic The Thing. That and the fact that Carpenter's iconic synth score sounds even better when meow-ed. Check out the video after the jump.

I'd like to think that Rob Bottin, wherever he is these days, will smile when he sees this love letter to his work... The above video comes from Lee Hardcastle, who wants the world to know that he makes "claymations that are NOT for children." He's also prepared a 3D version of his claymated Thing, which you can watch below (if you have a pair of old-school 3D glasses)...

And Lee's created the poster for the new horror anthology film The ABCs of Death...