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Watch the Latest Episode of 'Resident Evil: First Hour'

If the Resident Evil movies just aren't cutting it for you as far as live-action adaptations of the mega-successful Capcom video game series go, then you might want to check out Machinima's serialized fan film Resident Evil: First Hour, episode 3 of which can be viewed after the jump.

Here's the official series description and synopsis for episode 3 of Resident Evil: First Hour...

Resident Evil: First Hour is a re-imagined prequel to Resident Evil 2, and follows Leon Kennedy as he and two other police officers find themselves trapped on a farm outside Raccoon City, fighting for their lives against an undead horde.

Episode 3 Synopsis:
Leon and Richard try to work out what is going on at the farm, as Philip's condition slowly worsens (having been bitten by a zombie). Soon however it becomes clear that the zombie's bite carries something far worse than they realise...

Directed by April Choi and Ross Peacock
Written by April Choi

LEON KENNEDY........................James Whitwell
DEP. PHILIP JACKSON..............Kevin Millington

This original live-action new media series is produced by Cosmic Mutt Pictures.