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Watch Love Automatic's Gory Claymation 'Nightmare'

We recently discovered that electro-house band Love Automatic are big FEARnet fans, and they just sent us a nice gift in the form of their sick new music video "Nightmare." Rendered entirely in claymation by UK filmmaker Lee Hardcastle, the hilarious clip parodies everything from Poltergeist to Evil Dead to extreme J-horror, and we've got the clip plus more cool info below. There will be play-doh blood!

Hardcastle's short films have gained a lot of notoriety over the years, appearing in many film festivals (including Cannes). The "Nightmare" short is quickly becoming one of his most popular projects, rounding up about 50,000 views in the first few weeks of posting. The director describes the film – clearly inspired by about a dozen different horror movies – as "a god damn horrible play-doh nightmare," and he means that in a good way, as he's rather proud of the outcome... and he should be. His website has more twisted examples of his work, including more horror-inspired shorts. (The 60-second clay rendition of Shaun of the Dead is a must-see.)

The single "Nightmare" comes from Love Automatic's new EP Organ Donor, and it's also recently undergone the multiple-remix treatment. The band has posted an excerpt from the remix collection, which is slated for online release on the 26th, and you can hear it at the end of this post. But first, let's get to the gut-spilling, limb-ripping clay monster action...

If you dig the song, you can check out more at the band's official site, and here's a preview of the "Nightmare" remix EP...