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Watch Scott Ian's 'Walking Dead' Webisode Now!


Back in August, we shared some awesome news about Anthrax guitarist and metal legend Scott Ian, who had just scored his "Make-A-Wish moment" by appearing as a zombie in an online mini-episode of AMC's The Walking Dead. Now you can watch can watch Scott achieve his dream of stalking warm flesh on the run: the sixth installment, entitled "Everything Dies," directed by makeup FX icon Greg Nicotero – and featuring Ian as the bald zombie with the epic soul-patch – premiered this week, and we've got the entire webisode on the flipside. Get in here and check it out!

"I was told I was getting the full-on zombie 'hero' makeup," Scott explained on his official site. After a session in the chair with FX guru Garrett Immel, Ian was given his direction by Nicotero on how to pursue the living characters with hungry intent.

"Basically, the lead is coming out of the house with two kids running into the street and they pass right by me," he explained. "I turn and track them and then shamble off after them. We got to do the take about six times, and after each one I was cheering out loud. I wish we could've done it 100 times. I was so focused on one of the little kid actors, staring at him and thinking 'I am going to eat your fucking head off, you little fucker.'"

Check out the entire episode below... and look for Scott around the 1:45 mark.