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Watch Slayer Play with Dolls in Bloody New Short

As if Slayer fans needed any more motivation to pick up the special edition of the thrash lords' long-awaited album World Painted Blood next month, the band has just announced they'll have even more blood on their hands in the form of a short horror film entitled Playing With Dolls, included as a bonus DVD with the set. Read on to find out more about this mini-splatterfest – and watch a sick little teaser while you're at it!

Taking its inspiration from the Jeff Hanneman-written track of the same name, the 20-minute, 12-chapter serial killer opus was created by Metalocalypse director Mark Brooks, who fashioned it as a kind of semi-animated graphic novel. "It's not live action and it's not animated," said Brooks. "It's a weird hybrid of the two, and I haven't seen a lot of things done this way."

The end result is described by the band as “no mere music video,” and looks to be a real stomach-pounder of twisted, gory fun, spinning the tale of “a highly creative snuff-artist with a deeply personal sense of purpose – a man for whom murder is the only conceivable way forward.” The film is accompanied by excerpts from all eleven tracks from the new album... as well as bonus cut Atrocity Vendor.

"It's a little weirder than your regular blood n' guts type thing," Brooks explained, "which I think is a reflection of Slayer's music."

World Painted Blood hits the street on November 3rd, in both standard and deluxe editions. Check back here for more info very soon... but first, take a peek at the Playing With Dolls teaser below!