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Watch Three New ‘Dexter' Clips

We've got two sneak peek clips from the next episode of Dexter (which airs this Sunday night on Showtime) and one from Dexter: Early Cuts.  Watch all three after the jump!

The first clip has the Miami PD profiling Trinity.  And they're pretty dead-on with their description.  But the scene is most interesting for it's never-subtle humor – like Deb accidentally offering Quinn a blow job right there in the station.

In the second clip, Dexter goes to visit Arthur and finds out he is leaving tomorrow on a trip to Tampa for a Four Walls "charity build," which is of course code for another Trinity cycle starting.  Which means Dexter will have to take his killing on the road as well.  Which means leaving the family for a few days.  Which, I think it is safe to assume, will really piss off Rita.

The third clip is the latest addition to the Showtime animated web exclusive Dexter: Early Cuts.  In this kill from 2003, Dex hunts a war vet who was not acting with honor.