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Watch 'X-Files: The Musical'

More satisfying than the two X-Files movies -- as well as most of the show's final seasons -- X-Files: The Musical, from the folks behind Jurassic Park: The Musical, proves there's still plenty of life left in genre parodies you can sing along too. Check out the first installment in this 11-part (!) YouTube epic after the break.

X-Files: The Musical comes from the talented team at  the Colonel Mustard Theatre in Lincoln, Nebraska. They descibe it thusly: "From the people who brought you the backyard spectacle Jurassic Park: The Musical comes this full-length musical parody of The X-Files, complete with UFOs, alien conspiracies, and unresolved sexual tension between Mulder and Scully. This production was written and produced by a ragtag collection of friends in Lincoln, Nebraska and performed in an abandoned lot downtown."

Be sure to check out all 11 parts on the Colonel Mustard's YouTube Channel.