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We Bite into 'True Blood' Season 2 with Creator Alan Ball


By now, you've had a chance to digest the first episode of True Blood Season 2, and we know that you're thirsting for more.  And while creator Alan Ball might have gotten one cliffhanger out of the way, he's opened a Pandora's box of questions for fans.  Your favorite characters have been resurrected and they are definitely making up for lost time.  This season finds Sookie and Bill trying to keep their relationship afloat and stay alive in Dallas, Jason joining an anti-vampire cult, and Tara taking up with a total goddess who likes to party more than she does.

Lucky for you we have something to satiate your hunger for answers until your next True Blood fix.  We recently hopped on a conference call with Alan Ball, who was able to shed some light on the gory storyline, on who could be this season's newest villain, and on why we all find vampires impossible to resist.

On up-ing the gory and sexy goodness this season:

Personally, there's a scene where Sookie and Bill make love in the first episode that [on the page] said, "Sookie and Bill make love," and then I saw the dailies – you know I wasn't there when they shot it – and I went, "Oh wow!  Okay!"

But, you know, I love it. I think that's part of what the appeal of the show is.  I don't think we do anything gratuitously, but it's important to show there is this incredible erotic chemistry.  These two people who thought that they had no chance to ever have a real love affair and they found each other, and there's something fantastic and mind-blowing about that.

I did feel like it was important to make Eric more frightening, to see his more monstrous side, because as the season progresses we also see his more human side…Vampires are capable of being monsters and violent.  And it was important to have the character, that will remain nameless, who has to deal with all that to suffer from a kind of PTSD over the season because you don't just want to have all that horrible gore and awful psychological experience for him and have him be okay the next day.  That's not the way it happens in life.

On how he keeps Sookie and Bill's relationship fresh:

This year Sookie goes to Dallas to help Eric find a vampire.  Ultimately we actually broke down the timeline and season 2 takes place in 12 days.  When a lot of that time is spent running for your lives or trying not to get killed or trying to get past this or that obstacle that keeps you from each other it's not really hard.

They don't really have time to run into the same kind of relationship things that us mere mortals do.  They are basically just trying to get through the day without getting killed.

On Sookie and Bill's real-life romance:

They are such consummate professionals that it doesn't effect filming whatsoever.  It only effects filming in the sense that they're incredibly comfortable with each other …and I'm very happy for both of them.

On malicious characters and fiends yet to come:

I don't think people who are actually evil know they are evil or believe that they are evil.  I think they believe in some way that their actions are justified.  So I would hesitate to say Maryann is the most evil though she definitely revels in chaos and destruction.  She doesn't look at it from the polarities of good and evil.

In terms of someone who really enjoys being cruel and sadistic and has a really dark vision it's a character that has not shown up yet.  It's another vampire from Dallas.

On how the undead do Dallas:

We chose to show a very different side of vampire culture and that's the kind of sophisticated vampire culture and that's in the big city.  The hotel that caters to vampires is very upscale.

On why Jason is wearing clothes and when they're coming off:

I think once we started to flesh him out – no pun intended – we started looking at him and saw that he is sexually compulsive.

In the second season he's very much aware of a big hole he has in the center of his soul and he's looking for something to fill that and he – as many people do – latches onto religion.  He becomes part of this organization that makes him feel special, that makes him feel good and gifted, and that really means a lot to him.

But, as time goes on, he realizes that the organization that he's involved with doesn't really have anything to do with the fundamental message of Jesus.

But, of course, as time goes on... let's just say Jason can't leave his clothes on too long.

On the dueling cult storylines and possible backlash from real-life zealots:

I don't think vampire fans are going to associate themselves with anti-vampire zealots…  I think people who are overwhelmed by pleasure will love the show.  The kind of people who would say oh they are making fun of me or that's casting me in a bad light are not really the kind of people who are going to be watching the show.  They are watching Fox news.

On why he can't get enough of Charlene Harris' series:

One of the things that really appealed to me about Charlene's books when I was reading them was that it's so much fun and I can't put them down.  It has an emotional basis, but it is also just crazy fun.

Tell us what you think! Do you thirst for more True Blood? What did you think of the first episode? 

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