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News Article

We Dissect Season Three of 'The Vampire Diaries'

This was a really sweeping season. Before I write up an autopsy I like to check in with my recaps to remind myself what happened at the beginning of the season. I totally forgot that Stefan spent more than half the season evil. Even when he stopped being evil, he was still douchey. Then we got the whole Original family tree, killed off some of them, brought others back. We got ghosts, hybrids, psychosis, flashbacks, and torture. And of course, Elena is now a vampire. You knew that was the inevitable. Didn't they do that in Twilight? I don't actually know - that would require paying attention to that franchise. 

Of course, this was also the season that truly brought the Stefan / Elena / Damon love triangle to the fore. It was bound to happen, and by saving the bulk of it for the third season, I was already invested in the characters and put up with a lot more crap than I would have otherwise. Frankly, I don't give two shits about who she winds up with. Like the Sookie / Bill / Eric triangle of True Blood, I see no problem in Elena dating both Salvatore brothers.

Looking ahead to season four, obviously Elena's vampirism will be center stage. When she thought the Salvatores were dying, she made her choice: Stefan. Will it remain Stefan, now that she has an eternity before her? In all likelihood, Damon is her sire (he is the only vampire we know Meredith took blood from) - with that chemical sire-bond change her feelings? What kind of new hell will Klaus-as-Tyler raise, now that he can't create hybrids? Will Klaus become a sort of ally? With the Originals either dead or neutralized, who will the "big bad" be next season? Will Matt ever get any supernatural mojo, or is he doomed to remain the one human in Mystic Falls? Will Katherine be back?

All this and more will be answered... in only four and a half months.