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We Get 'Bloody' with 'Twilight's' Edi Gathegi!


Like most of the film's cast, Edi Gathegi hit it big with Twilight.  And genre films are continuing to treat him well – he's co-starring in this month's My Bloody Valentine 3D alongside Kerr Smith, Jensen Ackles (Supernatural) and Jamie King (Sin City, The Spirit).  Gathegi plays a small-town deputy sheriff trying to stop whoever is terrorizing the mining town with a pick axe and a trail of bodies.  We chatted with the actor at last weekend's My Bloody Valentine 3D press junket in Los Angeles, where he told us about working in 3D, and his favorite of the film's imaginative kills.

Have you seen the original film?

No I haven't.  I have been told that my character [Deputy Martin] isn't in the original, and that the original was a very different style of film, so I didn't think it would help me with this movie.

How does it feel to pop out of the screen in 3D?

Did I pop out?  Let me tell you, I was looking forward to seeing the credits in 3D – seeing my name pop out.  But it was really cool.  Watching myself in this movie was like watching myself in any other movie, but I loved the 3D aspect.  That was a thrill.  3D is, as far as I am concerned, the only way you should make movies.

What is your favorite kill in the movie?

That's tough, because there were a lot of good ones.  Right now, I am going to say when the killer ripped the guy's jaw off with a pick axe and pushed him over the ledge.  Ask me tomorrow and I might tell you something different.

Was it [tough] acting in a horror film, more so than doing, say, a drama?

I was watching the trailers today, and wondering why I wasn't in any of them.  It's because I don't have any action scenes – I am never chased by the killer.  So for me, it didn't really "occur" to me that I was in a horror film.  I was playing a deputy sheriff, trying to solve a case.  So I played it like that, playing off of Kerr Smith [Sheriff Axel Palmer], and watched all the elements come together in the final product.  I wasn't on set for the kills, and I didn't see a lot of blood – except for the victims' aftermath.

What do you have coming up?

I'm doing a pilot called Operating Instructions.  It's kind of a female-driven House-type show.  She solves medical cases at a Naval hospital in unconventional ways.  I play a very religious doctor.  I get to do a lot of fun things in that pilot.  It's for USA – "Characters welcome!"