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We Round Up the Best April Fools Pranks

Never believe anything you read on April Fool's Day.  Instead, sit back, relax, and enjoy the funny.  Hit the jump for a roundup of some of our faves.

Shock Till You Drop posted a very convincing piece about Rob Zombie starring in a remake of Brazil's Coffin Joe series.

Dread Central changed their image and became Dance Central (and/or Geek Terminal) for the day.

Bloody Disgusting got hopes up around the world with their piece on Dubai's "slasher theme park" (which, frankly, overshadowed their earlier - and way more obvious - Ghostbusters article).

Animal Planet announced that they were going to do a two-hour documentary on instant Twitter star @BronxZooCobra.  Not the snake itself; the Twitterer.

Criterion is releasing C.H.U.D. on Blu-ray!

And don't forget to check out FEARnet's Aprill Fools joke - the new cast of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.