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We Talk '28 Days' Sequel With Danny Boyle!!


While Danny Boyle was in our home town of Philadelphia promoting his new rags-to-riches, Three Musketeers- in-Bollywood/action-adventure-love story Slumdog Millionaire, we picked his delicious brain about a possible third installment to the zombie-packed 28 Days franchise. The English director was cryptic in his answers, but it definitely peaked our curiosity.

28 Days Later…. there is a third part idea but, it’s kind of gestating at the moment and it’s a very odd idea as well,” explained Boyle, “so I don’t know whether it will take the boxes. Because it’s a franchise, and when you’re part of a franchise like that you have to take certain boxes, you have to make the economics work. That’s how they view those things. It’s not like a new film. In fact this idea is quite bizarre.”

When pressed for details on why the idea is so outlandish, Boyle laughed and refused to answer. I guess we will have to wait to see what crazy plan is gestating in that large British head of his. What could possibly be too bizarre for a zombie movie? Zombies that don’t eat flesh? A love story between a teenage girl and a vegetarian zombie?

Fans of Boyle’s other films will be happy to know that he is still planning a sequel to Trainspotting, but has been waiting for the actors to get old enough. “It’s the idea of an aged cast,” he laughs, “inhabiting the same characters and the same time. You know, a generation has passed. Which would make it a really interesting and different sequel…The problem with it is…I’m ready to do it. I’m older. They don’t look any older though!”

Now isn’t that what a good make-up artist is for?