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We Talk 'Cloverfield 2' with Odette Yustman!


One of the biggest hits last year was Cloverfield, the destroy-the-world monster movie told through the “recovered” footage of one victim’s video camera.  With a concept like that, a sequel doesn’t seem too likely, but then again, this is Hollywood, and there's a buck to be made.  We checked in with actress Odette Yustman, the lovely star of Cloverfield, to see if she had any inside information.  Read on after the jump to hear what the Unborn actress had to tell us:


“I did just have dinner with one of the producers.  He kind of toyed with the idea that they might be coming out with a sequel.  I haven’t heard anything yet, but I don’t think any of the original cast members would be in it.  My guess is that they would probably go with the perspective of another group of people that experienced the same event.  But, I haven’t really heard, so don’t quote me.”

Whoops, sorry about that, Odette.  This quote came from Joe Smith.