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We Talk 'Flash Forward' with Producer Jessika Borsiczky Goyer!


Jessika Borsiczky Goyer isn't just married to genre uber-writer/director David Goyer – she’s a producer in her own right.  But that doesn’t mean she can’t still work with her horror-hit-making hubby.  Jessika’s now set to produce Flash Forward, a television pilot that the Unborn filmmaker wrote (with Brannon Braga) and will direct for ABC, based on the acclaimed thriller by novelist Robert Sawyer.  Jessika fills us in on the plot, the cast so far, and how it is a companion piece to Lost. Read on after the jump!

Can you talk a little bit about what Flash Forward is about, and how you have been able to land such a stellar cast?

The show is, I think, a really high-concept event idea.  Right now, the networks are looking for ideas like this, so I think we were really lucky with the timing of this script.  The show is set in the regular world, where, at the exact same moment in time, everyone freezes and has a vision of the near future.  Then everyone has to go back to their regular life.  The stories and the characters are really provocative, but it is more about “What do we do when we know our own fate, and how much do we control the places our lives go?”  I think because the themes feel really interesting and not commonly explored on television, and because I think the script is incredibly well-written by David and his co-writer Brannon Braga, the response has just been wonderful. 

I have produced other pilots before, but none where, in every single case, we are getting our first choice of actor, and on the crew side, we are getting our first choice of cinematographer.  Everyone from Joseph Fiennes as the lead actor, to the wardrobe department.  We are getting the best of the best. Also, there is just less television out there right now, so I think people are really taking notice.

Is it a different vision each week?

No, it’s not a different vision each week, but I’m not going to say more about that.

Are they all getting individual visions, or are they all seeing, like, the end of the world?

People have their own, personal vision.

When are you shooting the pilot?

In February, in Los Angeles.

Besides Joseph Fiennes, who else have you cast?

John Cho, who plays Joseph Fiennes’s FBI partner.  We have Jack Davenport.  We’ve cast Sonya Walger to play Joseph’s wife.  We also have Christine Woods to play an FBI agent.

Is this being envisioned as a companion to Lost?

It seems like that would be a great platform, either to launch off of, or to replace Lost, since it only has one season [left].

Do you have a “show bible” yet?  Have they thought that far ahead, or are they waiting to see how the pilot does?

David and Brannon have thought through the life of the show.  All of the mythology that will be laid out in season one is very specific and has a real course of action for the entire life of the show.

How much does it vary from the Robert Sawyer novel on which it’s based?

It’s launched from the premise of the novel.  The characters and events and the way the story is laid out are different.  It’s definitely born of a lot of those ideas, but because it has to be serialized for television, it takes a very different form of storytelling.

ABC seems very enthusiastic about the show.  Are they throwing a lot of money at the pilot?

[Based on the budget,] I feel they are very enthusiastic about this show.  There is a reality, though, with the economic world we are living in right now, and the financial situation of all the media conglomerates.  I think all the pilots this season are going to have a more rigorous budgets process then they have in the past.  So we are faced with that, but they have been very enthusiastic and supportive, and we’ve been 100 percent on the same page with them so far.

Is it a two-hour pilot?

I can’t comment on that.