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Wednesday 13 Hints at Murderdolls Reunion

While still busy promoting his solo work, horror-rock icon Wednesday 13 has suggested that his former band Murderdolls may be headed for a reunion in the near future. has just revealed excerpts from a recent interview in which the artist hinted not only at a new solo album for 2010, but also the possibility of reforming his former horror-punk unit for a new studio project. We’ve got more on this story on the other side, so get in here and check it out!

Blabbermouth posted the print article from Australian music mag The Drum Media , in which Wednesday discussed his plans for the near future: “We're possibly going to do another Wednesday record, record it in the summer and have it out around Halloween,” he suggested, before going on to say that “we're in talks right now to do another Murderdolls album… of course, if [that project] is possible… it's gotta be the number one priority.”

The original Murderdolls lineup included Slipknot drummer Joey Jordison, as well as Dope’s Tripp Eisen & Acey Slade, and became a cult hit among horror-punk fans worldwide – despite only recording one album, Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls, in 2002. Wednesday’s solo success continued after the band’s breakup, but fans continue to clamor for a re-teaming of the old team.

“Right now we're having the same conversations that we were having in the very beginning of the band,” Wednesday explained. “All the small talk stuff like that… so it's far away from getting in that room with the full band… we're just trying to get a game plan together.”