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This Week in Horror: 'April Fool's Day', 'The Birds', 'Phantasm'


PhantasmFifty years ago this week, Alfred Hitchcock gave the world a terrifying glimpse at the secret evil that lurks behind the eyes of our avian friends in The Birds. It was the first time Hitchock fans caught a glimpse of Tippi Hedren sweater set-ed glory and is famous for a final attack scene that (reportedly) caused Hedren to have a near breakdown. Like all of Hitchcock’s films it experrtly intertwinines tension, interpersonal relations, desperation, and fear.

1986 brought us the cabin-in-the-woods, comedy-slasher flick, April Fool’s Day. Like other films I’ve mentioned in previous week’s posts, the April Fool’s Day VHS cover holds a special place in my heart and still remains on my list of Halloween costumes I mean to wear someday. I won’t bore you with a synopsis, when you can read a much better and more detailed one in Gregory Burkart’s post here.

Finally, 1979 ushered in the awesomeness that is Don Coscarelli’s Phantasm. Part boy action hero movie, part surreal gore-fest Phantasm combines The Tall Man, a killer sphere, a late ‘70s prog soundtrack, and one of horror’s all-time greatest sidekicks, Reggie, all in one epic battle of good against evil. It’s truly a masterpiece and spawned arguably the best sequel in genre history.

Title: April Fool’s Day
Released: March 27, 1986
Tagline: Don't let the joke be on you!

Title: The Birds
Released: March 28, 1963
Tagline: Suspense and shock beyond anything you have seen or imagined

Title: Phantasm
Released: March 28, 1979
Tagline: Beware the ball, beware the tall man, beware the never dead.