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This Week in Horror: 'House of Dracula', 'Cat People'


The week was a great week in classic horror history.

House of Dracula, starring Lon Chaney, Jr. and John Carradine, is part of the Universal Studio's monster movie tome. It’s a story that includes all the heavy hitters: Dracula, the Wolfman and Frankenstein. The general gist is that Dracula is looking for something to cure his never-ending desire to nibble on people’s necks. He shows up at Dr. Franz Edelmann’s castle seeking help. In a strange coincidence,  Lawrence Talbot also stops by Edelmann’s castle. He too is looking for a cure, but in his case, it’s for lycanthropy.  On top of this Dr. Edelmann has been working on a few experiments of his own with the help of a surpisingly attractive hunchbacked woman. Not surprisingly things go very awry and get more than a little chompy.

Title: House of Dracula
Released: December 7, 1945
Tagline: HORROR UPON HORROR in the House of Dracula

Cat People is a simple story of a woman who turns into a cat when she gets turned on. Not so much in the special effects department, Val Lewton relies more on suspense, and giant cat shadows to create mood.

Title: Cat People
Released: December 6, 1942
Tagline:  She knew strange, fierce pleasures that no other woman could ever feel!