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This Week in Horror: 'The Howling', 'Evil Dead 2', 'Resident Evil'


The HowlingThis week in horror, moviegoers were introduced to the animal that is Eddie Quist. Good ole Eddie, he’s a romantic of sorts, who just happens to be a serial killer and a werewolf. Joe Dante’s movie is awesomely ‘80s and totally L.A. and, as every review and Wikipedia page will attest to, made werewolves funny and way cooler looking than the classic Universal wolfman, thanks to Rob Bottin’s effects. Also, it stars the extraordinary Dee Wallace.

Six years after Joe Dante’s modern wolfman hit screens, fans were treated to a revisited version of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn doesn’t really need an introduction, and is somewhere between remake and sequel. Raimi had a bigger budget, allowing him to add new scenes, new characters and more gore, including the Evil Hand.

“She bit me, man. She took a chunk clean right outa' me .” Finally, 2002 brought us Paul W.S. Anderson’s Resident Evil based on the popular video game.  But most importantly, he brought us Milla Jovovich and Michelle Rodriguez toting guns and killing flesh-hungry scientist zombies.

Title: The Howling
Released: March 13, 1981
Tagline: Imagine your worst fear a reality.

Title: Evil Dead 2
Released: March 13, 1987
Tagline: 2 Terrifying, 2 Frightening, 2 Much.

Title: Resident Evil
Released: March 15, 2002
Tagline: A secret experiment. A deadly virus. A fatal mistake.