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This Week In The Vault: Heidi Honeycutt & Jill Kill Talk 'The Stendhal Syndrome'


This week, we're stirring things up in 'The Vault!' We've got Dario Argento's controversial 1996 film 'The Stendhal Syndrome' starring his daughter Asia Argento. And our commentators for this one are Fangoria contributor Heidi Honeycutt and horror host Jill Kill. The gals offer a pretty unique and often hilarious commentary on one of Argento's most misunderstood horror cult classics. In 'The Stendhal Syndrome,' Asia plays Detective Anna Manni, a young policewoman tracking down an elusive serial rapist/killer & who slowly starts going insane herself after becoming a victim of the brutal man's obsession. Yep, and her father directed he in this. Heidi and Jill aren't afraid to tackle the awkwardness of 'The Stendhal Syndrome,' nor do they shy away from breaking out wigs in the films' honor! Check out our latest entry into 'The Vault,' Dario Argento's 'The Stendhal Syndrome.' If you'd like to watch the movie without our exclusive video commentary, you can do that on our regular movie page

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