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This Week In The Vault: Mike Mendez and Ryan Turek Commentary For 'The Crazies'


Ready to crack open another horror title from 'The Vault?' This week, we're unleashing an early cult classic from legendary director George A. Romero. That's right, it's the original 1973 version of 'The Crazies!' And this week's commentators are two of the most well versed horror minds working in the industry today. Director Mike Mendez ('Big Ass Spider,' 'The Gravedancers,' 'The Convent') is paired up with the managing editor of Shock Till You Drop Ryan Turek to talk all about Romero and 'The Crazies.' 

Although technically George followed up his monstrous debut 'Night Of The Living Dead' with 'Season Of The Witch' (and 'There's Always Vanilla'), 'The Crazies' is what many consider his true follow-up to his defining zombie classic. Starring a young Lynn Lowry and Richard Liberty (who'd later play Logan aka Dr. Frankenstein in 'Day Of The Dead,' my personal favorite of Romero's 'Dead' films), the film centers around a town quarantined by the military after a man made virus causes people to go inexplicably insane. A more metaphoric version of a "zombie," 'The Crazies' would go on to spawn several similar themed movies ('The Signal') and books (Stephen King's 'The Cell'), as well as a successful 2010 remake. 

Both Mendez and Turek offer excellent insight into both the film itself and the world of George Romero. If you'd like to watch the film without the video commentary, you can do that as well. Kick back, relax and enjoy FEARNET's video exclusive commentary edition of 'The Crazies!' 

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