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This Week In The Vault: 'Opera' With AJ Bowen & Drew Daywalt


In this week's all new edition of 'The Vault,' we're going back to one of the Italian master of horror's most well regarded pieces of cinematic work. That's right. We're talking about Dario Argento and the movie in question is 'Opera!' For this commentary, we invited filmmaker and occasional FEARNET blogger Drew Daywalt ('Red Clover') along with actor AJ Bowen ('The Sacrament,' 'You're Next,' 'The House Of The Devil') to offer their insight into the wild world of Argento's unique horror! 

After directing a slew of classics such as 'Deep Red,' 'Suspiria,' 'Tenebre' and 'Phenomena,' Argento returned with 'Opera,' one of his most ambitious films yet in which a budding opera singer (Cristina Marsillach) is stalked by a deranged fan hellbent on making her famous. He also makes her watch his heinous murders by bounding her and putting needles under her eyes forcing her not to blink! It's one of the more iconic images from Argento's filmography and Bowen & Daywalt talk about it extensively in this FEARNET exclusive video commentary for 'The Vault!' You can also watch Dario Argento's 'Opera' without the commentary in our web movies page.

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