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This Week in The Vault: Rebekah McKendry and Dave Parker Chat About 'Dead & Buried'


In The Vault this week, we welcome director Dave Parker (The Hills Run Red, ColdWater) and journalist Rebekah McKendry from Fangoria. These are two of the biggest horror nerds I know (and I know a lot of horror nerds) so they give some great insight on this week's film, Dead & Buried.

Dead & Buried is a kind of low-key zombie flick. I had never even heard of it until we started working on The Vault. The small New England coastal town of Potter's Bluff is a popular vacation spot, but visitors frequently end up, well, murdered. But thanks to some voodoo witchcraft, the dead rise again, as residents who don't eat brains and, frankly, act as if nothing happened - except, of course, when it is time to kill the newbies.

Directed by Gary Sherman (Poltergeist III, Raw Meat), the screenplay comes from Dan O'Bannon, best known for writing the original Alien. On the acting side, Dead & Buried brought together an eclectic cast that included Jack Albertson (best known as Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and a young Robert Englund. Sadly, top-billed star James Farentino, who played the sheriff, passed away just two weeks ago from a heart ailment. He was 73.

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