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The Weekend Box Office Turns 'Grey'

Ho hum. Another January weekend, another new thriller comes in first at the box office... Following in the footsteps of The Devil Inside and Underworld Awakening, Liam Neeson's new survivalist thriller The Grey took the top position for the last weekend of the month, earning twenty million dollars. Meanwhile, Underworld Awakening continued to beat the three previous Underworld films' records. More after the jump.

Accoridng to BoxOfficeMojo, "The Grey devoured an estimated $20 million this weekend. Among star Liam Neeson's recent action movies, The Grey opened lower than Taken's $24.7 million and also a tad below Unknown ($21.9 million). Those were both PG-13, featured robust marketing from their big-time distributors, and were essentially cousins of the Bourne series. For The Grey to even come close to those movies speaks both to Mr. Neeson's drawing power and the importance of having an interesting, easily conveyable story (in this case, it was 'Liam Neeson fights wolves!')."

"Last weekend's winner Underworld Awakening dipped 51 percent to an estimated $12.5 million. That's a stronger hold than any of the previous Underworld movies had, and its $45.1 million total through 10 days is also a franchise best."