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Weekly DVD Dissection

Good news, bad news: The GOOD news is that most of September looks pretty solid for the horror fans. The BAD news is that, well, the first week kinda stinks. It happens every late-summer, really -- but we're almost through the rough spot, believe me. Today you'll find next to nothing you already know -- let alone like -- but if you're the sort who scours Netflix for ALL the new horror titles, then we do have some titles worth mentioning...

The Morgue -- The IMDb tells me it's about six strangers who get trapped in a morgue. Hey, wake up. At least you'll get to see what Blair Witch's Heather Donahue is up to these days. We might even get another snot-bubble! I do believe The Morgue represents your best bet this week.

The Gleam -- A loony doctor turns a homeless actor into a raving psycho. I think. The flick's only 65 minutes long, so....

Watch Me -- If I told you this one was about a deadly email attachment, you'd just assume it was either a J-horror cheapie or someone ripping off a J-horror cheapie. All I know is that this flick comes from Australia, offers some bloody eyeballs on the DVD cover, and sounds pretty damn silly.

Savage Weekend -- Shot in 1976, released in 1979, and completely forgotten about ever since, this "danger in the wilderness" thriller looks like a tacky old horror flick for sure. Hell, even the DVD distributor is called Cheezy Flicks. Gotta respect truth in advertising. (Genre fans should keep an eye out for a young William Sanderson, because he's a cool character actor and I can't imagine there's much else to look at in this flick.)

Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned -- Has the coolest title of the week, that's for sure, but more often than not ... the movies with the wacky titles aren't all that GOOD. (Which is why they rely on a wacky title.) This one comes from first-time writer / director / producer / composer / editor Brian Thomson, and it's about (get this) a bachelor party that's attended by party-guys, horny hooker, and pure eeeevil. The DVD cover looks kinda like a porno movie, so that's something.

Next week: RELIEF! New Special Editions of Child's Play AND Pumpkinhead, plus two new Uwe Boll DVDs (yay), another piece of the "Maneater" collection, and a horror flick for the whole family!