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Weekly DVD Dissection

So last week turned out to be a miniature gold mine with the release of a killer croc flick, another battle with giant space bugs, and um... another title in the Maneater Series line! (A killer ant movie, and yes, terrible.)

By Scott Weinberg

Heck, I bet you didn't even get your brand new special edition of Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers into the DVD player yet. Well that's a good thing, because aside from one horror / crime thriller hybrid from the UK, week two of August looks pretty damn dire. Horror fans can take solace in the fact that NOTHING is hitting DVD stores today. Like, of any genre! I can't remember the last Tuesday that had ZERO wide release DVD titles, but that's what we're looking at today. Normal movie-watchers have to pick through indies like Smart People or video sequels like Art of War 2, but at least we get...

The Killing Gene! Yes, it looks, sounds, and practically smells like the unholy love-spawn of Saw and Seven, but if you're going to ape two of the darkest pieces of popular entertainment from the past several years -- at least do it with some creativity and style. First-time director Tom Shankland keeps an impressive balance between horror-style creeps and police procedural plot maneuverings, plus he's helped a whole lot by the stellar Stellan Skarsgard as a detective who redefines "burnt out." I'll not spill the plot details, but the movie combines the "death choices!" of Saw with the bleak and atmospheric unpleasant attitude of Seven. It's not as good as either of those flicks (especially the latter), but it's definitely worth at least a rental. (Note: You may have heard of this film by its original title of "WAZ," but someone (smartly) decided to change the name.)

And if you're absolutely desperate for some low-profile horror this week, keep an eye out for titles like Survival (York), Resurrection Mary (Laguna), 3 a.m. (York again), and the Japanese import Wide Awake, which comes from the suddenly omnipresent Genius Products.

Next week: A definite improvement, what with the second season of everyone's favorite slasher, a wacky-looking remake of The Wizard of Gore, and a six-flick box set that all but promises to keep you awake. (It says it right there on the box.) Oh, and freakin' Prom Night comes out next Tuesday. Woop. Be sure to get the "unrated" version that runs (no lie) less than a minute longer than the PG-13 theatrical cut.