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Weekly DVD Dissection


This week offers a mixed bag of random mayhem, so let's just dig right in...

By Scott Weinberg

It's not a horror flick, but Neil Marshall's Doomsday is easily insane enough to merit a mention. Imagine if Mad Max and the Resident Evil chick had a baby and raised it on the set of Escape from New York. Fun stuff!

Today's big curiosity has to be WB's The Lost Boys: The Tribe, which reunites Coreys Haim and Feldman, along with a bunch of photogenic young folks I don't know much about. Despite the much-maligned premise -- surfing vampires? -- I'm as interested as the rest of you. Actually that's not entirely true, as I think the original Lost Boys is fairly overrated. Fun and slick to look at, but as a horror movie ... not really.

From the land of true weirdness (Japan) we get Exte: Hair Extensions, which is just what you think it is: Instead of evil eyeballs like The Eye, we have haunted ... hair extensions. It's cooler than it sounds, plus it's got some creative kills and some crazy visuals. Not for all tastes, obviously...

From The Asylum we get 100,000, BC, which (according to the DVD cover) is about a dinosaur that rampages through a city, and from Australia we get a controversial title called Antisocial Behavior, which is supposed to be ten shades of nasty.

From the "maybe a rental" section we have titles like Side Sho, Bloody Moon, and (my favorite) Virgin Witch. Plus we also get an awesome-looking action / monster combo from Thailand called Vengeance. ("Awesome" being perhaps a bit enthusiastic.)

Next month: August kicks off with giant crocs, ravenous ants, and a third visit from some mega-vicious space bugs.