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Weirdest Obit Ever: Kim Jong Il

Badass Digest has what is possibly the strangest obituary ever for one of the strangest men ever: Kim Jong Il. The mad Korean dictator - who died this weekend - was well known for his obsession with film. He even kidnapped a South Korean actress and her director husband and forced them to make films for North Korea for nearly a decade (the pair finally escaped during a film festival, where they sought asylum with the American Embassy.

Kim Jong Il's weirdest bit of film legacy is Pulgasari, his answer to Godzilla. Pulgasari is about a doll that comes to life when it comes in contact with blood, and it eventually becomes a metal-eating monster. Check out the trailer after the jump.

For more info on Pulgasari and Kim Jong Il's obsession, I encourage you to check out the awesome article over at Badass Digest.