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Welcome To 'The Gates'

Suburbia as a metaphor for hell... seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it?  ABC seems to think so, as they are currently working on a series called The Gates, set for a summer premiere. According to THR, in it, a “big-city cop becomes chief of police in a sleepy planned community, only to discover there’s much more to the residents than meets the eye.”  Frank Grillo (Prison Break, the upcoming Mother’s Day remake) will star as the new chief of police.

Also in the cast: Luke Mably (28 Days Later), who will play a vampire-like cardiologist; Janina Gavankar (The L Word, Dollhouse) who will play a cop with a “dark secret”;  and Chandra West (White Noise)  will play “the tea shop owner.”  She must be a witch or something.

Brit director Terry McDonough (Breaking Bad) will direct a script by Richard Hatem (Supernatural, Stephen King’s Dead Zone) and Grant Scharbo (Jake 2.0).