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News Article

'The Werewolf’s Guide to Life'


So you think you're a lycanthrope? Werewolf-ism is no walk in the park (I know this from experience), and the costs can really build up… but at last there's a handy pocket guide for when the holiday crunch gets literally hairy.

Much like the Zombie Survival Guide, the material presented here by authors Ritch Duncan and Bob Powers comes off as a well-researched handbook… the main difference being the monster is growing inside you instead of shambling to your door. It also works as a parody of any self-help tome you can name, including everything from diet plans (to help satisfy your meat tooth, sparing the lives of innocents), to the familiar language of 12-step programs, to personal accounts from anonymous "lycs" who share the benefit of their experience.

It's a fun read, and might even save your life… or someone else's!

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