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What New Character Is Coming To The Walking Dead...Eventually


Today was the annual The Walking Dead cast and crew roundtable interviews at San Diego Comic-Con.  It is no secret that the show is big on, well, secrecy so it is rare that any news accidentally slips out regarding the upcoming season. This year was no different.  Precious few details were discussed regarding season 4, and even those were contained to what we saw in the trailer that has just premiered.  However, new show runner Scott Gimple and creator and executive producer Robert Kirkman were both quite enthusastic about bringing one character inparticular to the show. And that charcter is.................Negan.

This baseball bat enthusiast is the leader of The Saviors. The Saviors are essentialy the mob in the post zombie outbreak world.  They offer "protection" to communities in return for supplies.  If you decide you do not need their protection,  you will likely have a painful change of heart. Negan recently made it onto our favorite disturbed comic villians list, so that should also give you an idea of what kind of chracter he is.

Check out the video below to see exactaly what Kirkman and Gimple have to say.

Bonus: Here is how Steven Yeun Feels about Negan's imminant arrival. Contains SPOILERS for the comic

Tell us what you think.  Will Negan be able to successfully make the jump from page to screen? Who would you cast in the role?