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'Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?' Gets Remake for Real


Drag queens the world over are throwing up their hands in horror at the news that Lakeshore Entertainment will finance and produce a remake of the classic Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?

Variety reports Walter Hill will direct while Lakeshore Entertainment's Tom Rosenberg and Gary Lucchesi will be produce  along with the Aldrich Co.'s Adell Aldrich. Aldrich’s father Robert Aldrich was the original director and producer of the 1962 production. Hill directed a number of titles including 48 Hours, Red Heat, and Brewster's Millions. He produced the Alien franchise and, more recently, Prometheus. With that kind of background it will be interesting to see his interpretation of a film known for its gothic sensibility and campy goodness.

If you aren’t familiar with Baby Jane, it's the, well, batshit crazy story of two sisters who have fallen from former Hollywood glory and are slowly decaying in their Hollywood mansion. Jane Hudson, played by the almost clown-like Bette Davis, is a drunk, washed-up child star caring for her sister Blanche, played by Joan Crawford. Once an a-list starlet, Blanche is now confined to a wheelchair and spends her days watching old movies in her bedroom. Baby Jane is a cruel caretaker to sister Blanche, and none-too-good a cook. Watch her in action in this clip.

via Variety