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What's This? What's This? 'Nightmare Before Christmas' Tattoos


Nightmare Before Christmas has one of the most devout fanbases in cinematic history. I think only Rocky Horror Picture Show could match it. And why not? It blends the two best holidays - Christmas and Halloween - into one magical film experience.

Naturally, where there is a cult following... there are tattoos. Nightmare Before Christmas has inspired a kajillion tattoos on a bazillion fans. Rather than being content with mere portraits of their favorite characters, many Nightmare fans design incredible tableaus with their favorite characters. In honor of Christmas, and one of our favorite Christmas movies, I have trawled the darkest corners of the interwebz, looking for the most amazing Nightmare tattoos.

Sleeves, Scenes, and Backpieces

Check out the evolution of vtarnini's epic leg sleeve on her Flickr page.

Sleeve by Nick Baxter

Sleeve by Remis Tattoo

This beautiful sleeve belongs to Samuel

Designed and executed by Chris Delauder

This intricate backpiece comes from Queenie's Physical Art in Germany

Jack & Sally

A romantic piece belonging to AnthonyB

One of my favorites, this tattoo is a far more subtle representation of Jack and Sally. Designed and exectued by FallenAngel1224

Stunning shading on this piece by Jamie Cross at Nitemare Tattoo

Sally gets sexy on Laina-Lynx

From miraznoncents

Oogie Boogie

A cover-up tatt by LilMrsFrankenstein

A festive piece from ritch-g

Do you have any Nightmare tattoos? We wanna see 'em!