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Whip Up These Tasty Marinated Eyeballs for New Years Eve


Marinated Eyeball RecipeIf there’s one body part that screams hors d'oeuvre, it’s the eyeball. The bite-sized windows to the soul are perfect for popping, just ask the Corinthian. But who has time to stalk people, pluck out their eyes, and then marinate them for a day or two? This marinated mozzarella version of the eyeball hors d'oeuvre is a much less sadistic and much more delicious way to go.  Thanks to for this recipe perfect for your New Years Eve party - get it below.

Marinated Mozzarella Eyeballs


• Big firm olives (black & green).  Try the olive bar at your local grocery, or you can go for the canned stuff.  The olives need to be firm, not squishy.  Jarred black olives work perfected fine for the pupil.
• A large diameter drinking straw (I find McDonalds straws to be the perfect size) .
• Marinated mini mozzarella balls.  I get mine at Trader Joe’s.
• Optional: jarred red pepper slices.


Use the olives to make your nice rounded iris and pupil.  For the most rounded, slice of the end of a green olive, then use your straw to punch a hole in the center.

Slide of a piece of black olive, and use the straw to punch out a plug of black. Then place the black piece in the hole of your green olive.  If it does not stay level with the green, you can use a little cream cheese stuffed in the open end of the olive to hold the black in place. You can also do slices off the side of the green olive, but be aware they will be slightly oblong.  

Note:  You can make red pupils by using jarred roasted red pepper, peeled, instead of the black olives.

Once you have enough irises for all your mozzarella balls, you simply arrange the balls on a platter, and top with your olive slices.  Depending on the shape of your balls, you may need to slice off a little of the top to get a flat surface on which to sit your olive eye.

Drizzle the whole thing with the marinade from the package, and optionally stab each eyeball with a toothpick for added ‘ewww’ factor and ease of serving!

marinated mozarella eyeballs