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News Article

Who Will Be Cassie Hack?


Halo-8 will announce the star of their upcoming Hack/Slash illustrated film at this year's Comic Con. The comic series focuses on Cassie Hack, who fights against horror "slashers." "Cassie is a great role and there are a lot of established actresses who'd love to bring her to life. We feel really blessed by the actress we've selected to take on the role--not only is she a fan-favorite but she herself is a fan of Tim, Cassie, and Vlad," said Matt Pizzolo, who is directing the film and designing its visual style. More after the jump.

The Hack/Slash film is currently in production. According to the press release, it mixes "comic book sequential art with 3D CGI and rotoscoped animation of live-action performances." Word is that Cassie will be played by "an actress who previously stated publicly that she'd love to play Cassie in a Hack/Slash movie." So let the Googling commence.

The role of Cassie Hack will be announced at the Halo-8 panel, Saturday night at 7pm in Room 9.