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News Article

Who Wins in 'Ninjas Versus Monsters?' You Do!

Have you ever wanted to play a ninja who is kicking Wolfman's nards in a micro-budget direct-to-DVD flick? Of course you have - and now is your chance! Endlight Entertainment, the people behind such classics as Ninjas Versus Zombies and Ninjas Versus Vampires is currently in pre-production on the final piece of the Ninja trilogy: Ninjas Versus Monsters. And they are holding open casting calls for the project. Hit the jump for your chance at stardom.

Auditions will be held this weekend, January 14th and 15th, in Clifton, Virginia. Unfortunately, you must be present to audition (no video auditions) but you don't need an agent or headshots to give it a shot.  Lead roles available include Dracula, Frankenstein, Mummy, Wolfman, The Guide (a kick-ass chick), and Step (a kick-ass ninja). They are also casting for "stunt-performers, martial artists, doubles, and actors to portray a host of other monsters, clowns, pirates, and beasts throughout the film." Camera-phobic? You can apply for crew positions, too. Sounds like this project is going to be amazeballs.

For all the details, visit (damn, they gave away the ending!)