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Who Would You Cast in the 'Carrie' Remake?


There is a lot of talk going on right now about who should star in the planned remake of Carrie. Lindsay Lohan's name has been brought up, and Megan Fox is allegedly willing to fight for the role. Who would believe Megan Fox as a social outcast, anyway? I think the pretty obvious answer is they just shouldn't remake Carrie. But since they are going to, and my editor put the proverbial gun to my head, here are five actresses who would do the role justice. Or at least not screw it up too badly.

Kat Dennings

Best Known For: Nick & Nora's Infinite Playlist

Pros: Has that "social outcast" thing down pretty well. With her pale skin, dark hair, and perpetually sad eyes, she would make a great brainy-goth Carrie.

Cons: I'm not sure if she has the range for Carrie.

Tina Majorino

Best Known For: Big Love, Napoleon Dynamite, Waterworld

Pros: She doesn't have that starlet beauty. She looks like she is the kind of girl who would get picked on in high school. Napoleon Dynamite is probably her most recognizable role, and that movie is all about outsiders.

Cons: Does she have the fire to play angry Carrie? I cannot think of a role where Tina played a fierce or vengeful character. Hell, her last role was as a Mormon.

Amanda Seyfried

Best Known For: Mean Girls, Red Riding Hood

Pros: There is something startling about Amanda's eyes. They are big and haunted - almost supernatural. She has experience playing an outcast, as nerdy best friend in Jennifer's Body.

Cons: Might be too pretty for the role.

Chloe Moretz

Best Known For: Kick-Ass, Let Me In

Pros: We know the girl can act, and she earned her genre cred with starring a turn in Let Me In and roles in The Eye, Hallowed Ground, Wicked Little Things and the upcoming Dark Shadows film. 

Cons: She's a little a young, having only just turned 14. 

Mia Wasikowska

Best Known For: Alice in Wonderland, The Kids are Alright

Pros: Mia has an interesting look. She is soft spoken, but can be fierce as needed. She is one of those actresses who might look familiar, but you just can't place her.

Cons: She will always be Alice in Wonderland to me.

Let's hear from you. Who would you peg as the next Carrie?