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The Wild and Whacky Horror Art of Dick Starr


Lord of the Rings

Sometimes, all it takes is one event, or one tiny decision, to change someone's life forever. Such is the case with artist Dick Starr, who broke his leg when he was just five years old. While laid up in the hospital, his father brought him a movie to watch, to help get his mind off the pain. The movie? An American Werewolf in London. From that point forward, Starr says, he never looked back, and his passion for all things gory and gruesome was born on that night in the children's unit of his local hospital.

It's kind of interesting that An American Werewolf in London was Starr's introduction to the genre, because his art very much reflects that blend of humor and horror that's on display in the film. Typically bloody but oftentimes quite hilarious and clever, Starr's art is incredibly unique in the world of horror art, and it's his fun and whacky mash-ups that serve to set him apart from the pack.

Check out some of my favorite peices of Starr's art below, and see many more over on his website and Facebook page!

Jigsaw saw

Freddy vs Jason

Jason vs. Green Lantern



Mount Gushmore