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Will Patrick Bateman Return For Another 'American Psycho?'

Author Bret Easton Ellis has been a busy boy. Well, maybe a procrastinating boy. A few days ago, he started tweeting about notes he was making, pondering where Patrick Bateman would be today. Bateman was the anti-hero in Ellis's modern classic American Psycho (adapted into a film starring Christian Bale). The novel, released over 20 years ago, is probably Ellis's best-known. And here he is, tweeting about what could possibly be a sequel. Hit the jump for more.

In a three-hour marathon tweet-fest, Ellis muses about where Patrick Bateman would be today, and who he might be killing. He suggests flashbacks of Patrick, who starts killing at a prep school; raping and murdering a dozen sorority girls; posting pictures of his exploits on Facebook where no one seems alarmed; Patrick obsessed with the Kardashians and Katy Perry and Coldplay; Patrick visiting his gay brother Sean in West Hollywood. Three hours and 14 pages of notes later, Ellis gives it a rest - but does mull over calling his publisher.

Read the entire Twitter thread at @breteastonellis. All the American Psycho stuff begins on March 10th.