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Will You Freeze with Friends in 'Dead Space 3'?

With E3 just around the corner, the announcement for Dead Space 3 seems to now be a matter of when rather than if, especially with the recent "graphic novel" teaser we were given a few days ago.  Adding even more fuel to the fire are some leaked screens, showing us a few new details that make this an even more intriguing three-quel than we previously thought.  More detective work after the break.

AllGamesBeta has posted a sizable collection of screenshots from the yet-to-be-announced sequel—possibly the industry's worst kept secret—that tell us a lot about the upcoming threequel with nary a word.  Here's a few things worth noting:

There's a lot of snow/ice/frost – this confirms that the rumors that Dead Space 3 will take place on a frozen, Hoth-like planet, which will lend a very different feel to Dead Space than what we're used to.

Isaac's got a buddy –it looks like John Carver, whose armored form we saw in the aforementioned graphic novel short.  Could there be a cooperative multiplayer element, or will we have an AI compatriot?

Necromorphs with guns?Dead Space's necromorphs have always been pretty distinctive, with their flayed flesh and sickle arms.  However, this shot shows us that not only is this necromorph looking comparatively healthy to his gooey brethren, but he's wielding a firearm against Isaac and Carver.  

There are plenty more screenshots at the link above, and we'll keep you posted on further Dead Space 3 developments and announcements.