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William Lustig Talks New 'Maniac'! See The Original On-Line Now!


For those of you that are fans of the 1980 seminal "slasher" cult classic 'Maniac,' we've got a treat for you. Not only are we streaming the original 'Maniac' on our website for free this weekend to celebrate the release of the new remake, we've got a brand new video interview with William Lustig, the director of the original giving us all of his thoughts on the new 'Maniac'! The new reimagining comes from director Franck Khalfoun ('P2') and producers/writers Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur ('High Tension') and stars the unlikely yet inspiring casting choice of Elijah Wood as the title character. The film has been garnering great critical praise over the course of the last several months, including here on FEARnet where Scott Weinberg reviewed it. In this new interview embedded below, Lustig discusses the key differences between the new film and his own, what elements of the redux surprised him the most & he shares what it was like to see the remake for the first time at Cannes Film Festival.

Anyone familiar with the original 'Maniac' knows that one of the main reasons its remained such an iconic "slasher" pic of that era is because of the unforgettable performance from it's lead actor Joe Spinell. It was a character that Spinell held near & dear to his heart and he had even planned to shoot a follow-up titled 'Maniac 2: Mr. Robbie' prior to his untimely passing. So considering Joe's affection for this character, I posed the hypothetical question to William Lustig, "How would Joe feel about a remake to 'Maniac' over 30 years after the original?" Below was his heartfelt response: 

As a bonus, here's an additional video interview we conducted last year with Lustig all about the original 'Maniac.' And you can also read our exclusive interview with actress Megan Duffy who plays Lucie in the new film.

The new 'Maniac' is now playing in select theaters and available on VOD on demand services. For more details, check the official IFC Midnight site and don't forget to watch the original 'Maniac' streaming free for this weekend only on the FEARnet website!