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News Article

'Witchblade' Movie Details Confirmed!

Recently there’s been some big buzz about Top Cow Comics adapting their Witchblade franchise to the big screen. But details have been slim pickins. This weekend, however, at Wizard World Philadelphia, our own Joe McCabe snagged an interview with Top Cow staffer Mel Caylo, who not only confirmed some Witchblade movie news but also some gave some info about some of TC’s newer franchises, as well as some incredible artwork from the company’s projects…

What can you tell us about Witchblade?

The Witchblade movie was announced last week. It’s still scheduled to start filming in September. The first script is done. We’re still doing little rewrites here and there. Then it’s gonna go on to the directors. There is a rumor on the internet that Michael Rymer is attached to direct. He’s done Battlestar Galactica and Queen of the Damned. It hasn’t been confirmed yet.

But it hasn’t been denied…

No, it hasn’t been confirmed or denied. The fact that people were asking, “Has it been cast yet?” No, it hasn’t been cast yet, because we need to lock down a director. So as soon as we lock down a director we’re gonna go on to actresses. To tell you the truth, it’s mostly Platinum Studios’ game. Top Cow has a peripheral involvement with it because Top Cow executives are going to be executive producers on the film, so there’s marketing, publicity…it’s gonna be Platinum Studios that does most of that. We’re gonna do a little support with the comic book, in case you want to know a little more about the comic book and the source material…

What else does Top Cow have going on?

We announced Ron Marz is doing a project with us as well. Ron was a part of Witchblade. He’s going to be doing a project with us called Dragon Prince. They’re going to be launching in September. It’s a five-issue series. It’s about a Chinese boy growing up in San Francisco who discovers that he is the next in a line of Dragon Princes. What that means is… basically he’s a dragon but he’s in human form. It’s an all-ages book. It’s gonna be something different for Top Cow because it’s all ages. But it’s a nice, really refreshing story with elements of fantasy and action and adventure and a little bit of mystery. So I think that’s gonna be a really big series for us.

We also talked about Star Fall which is a new creator-owned series coming out from Randy Queen. Star Fall is a little bit like Barbarella on steroids, because it deals with this hundred-year-old warrior of the galaxy, but she doesn’t look a day over twenty-five. She and her crew of mercenaries crash land on this populated planet. Then something on their ship mutates, it’s like a little germ or bacteria. Dinosaurs become mutated and other people become zombies. It’s a really interesting take on a story. So that’s gonna be a nice mash of different genres.

Boy, Top Cow sure was anxious to hand over some peripherals for fans to feast their eyes on. That’s the spirit of Wizard World if ever I’ve seen it! And if you find yourself anxious to check out some more of the artwork we were given by Top Cow, check out FEARnet’s Wizard World Gallery. And when you’re done with that, read about what else we uncovered at Wizard World, namely Marvel Zombies and Stephen King's The Stand!