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Woman Finds Python Living in Secondhand Sofa


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While my DVD collection is filled out with used copies of movies from Amazon, and my toy collection comprised largely of vintage treasures found on eBay, I draw the line at previously owned items that I have to actually wear or sit on.  There's just something about secondhand couches that skeeves me out like nothing else, and I'm willing to bet that a woman named Holly Wright is feeling the same way right about now.

Located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Wright took home a couch found on the side of the road a few months back, which she thoroughly cleaned and placed in her bedroom.  What she didn't notice, at the time, was that a stowaway snake made its home inside the secondhand sofa.

As reported by The Huffington Post, the woman noticed the four-foot-long python hiding out in the coils of the couch last weekend, which finally emerged and soon thereafter died.  Though Wright by all means should've been horrified at the thought that she had been sitting atop the snake's lair for months, without ever realizing it, it wasn't horror she expressed but rather sadness.  "It's been really sad actually to realize all this time I was in proximity to that animal [and it] was probably suffering," she says.

Wright buried the snake and returned the couch to the curb, a note attached to it reading 'Do Not Pick Up.'

When reached for comment, Samuel L. Jackson told us that he's "had it with these mother f'ing snakes, in these mother f'ing couches."  We're right there with ya on that one, Sam.