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WonderCon 2010: Milla Jovovich Unveils ‘Resident Evil 4' 3-D Trailer


The big news at tonight's Resident Evil: Afterlife trailer premiere in San Francisco was that returning stars Milla Jovovich (a.k.a. Alice) and Ali Larter (a.k.a. Claire Redfield) have a fight scene in the fourth film based on the hit video game franchise. At least the howls and wolf whistles of most every male in the packed AMC Metreon movie theater tonight made it sound like big news... More info after the jump.

Jovovich and Later were joined by Resident Evil director Paul W.S. Anderson, who claims the fourth film is the most expensive in the series: "We spent more money than ever before on the film. They allowed me to go shoot in Tokyo, in Los Angeles, we shot in Canada, we even shot in the snow and ice in Alaska."

The 3-D in the trailer, shot with the 3-D camera James Cameron developed for Avatar, certainly looked impressive, with with more of an eye-popping, guilty-pleasure gimmicky feel to it then recent, comparatively more stately and subdued 3-D efforts like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland. And Jovovich and Larter look quite good in their new black-leather catsuits; Jovovich running and jumping with a sword in each hand, battling the monsters of the Umbrella Corporation, and, in one scene, jumping through a massive plate glass window with Larter as the two plummet to an uncertain fate.

"Almost a year ago today, " said Anderson, "James Cameron was kind enough to screen a large chunk of Avatar for us. It was still a work in progress, but… the camera system that Cameron built to shoot that movie was absolutely remarkable. It was providing 3-D imagery that was so much more sophisticated and was of a higher quality than anything I had ever seen before in the world of 3-D. That was when I decided our movie had to be in 3-D and we had to use that camera system to shoot it."

Larter commented that the film adheres more closely to the video games than its three predecessors.

A jubilant Jovovich exclaimed, "It's Resident Evil, man. It's my brother's favorite video game! What's amazing about Resident Evil is you get a chance to do a really great story and have fun. It's like going to Disneyland or going to Magic Mountain. It's fun to make a movie where you're flying and you're kicking butt and you're training and you're doing so much stuff that you would never do…"

"I was so excited to come back," said Larter, "Milla brings so much to these movies. There aren't a lot of women that could come in and embody this type of character. She brings so much style and so much class to it, and she kicks ass like no other… Girls aren't always cool. And I come there and we just have a lot of fun together. We're laughing and we love figuring out our stunts and really getting dirty in there."

Below is one of the stills from the film that was recently released on MySpace. Check out the others here.