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You Can Expect Another 'Friday the 13th' Movie + Blu-Ray Box Set in the Next Five Years


friday the 13thThat's right horror fans: even money says we will get a new Friday the 13th movie and a complete Friday the 13th blu-ray box set in the next five years. And why is that? Warner Bros. gave up their rights to the franchise to Paramount, who now has five years to make a film; otherwise the rights revert back to Warner Bros.

Let's back up a minute. A brief history of the Friday the 13th franchise's ownership history: director Sean Cunningham got funding to make the original F13 from Boston theater owners. Paramount took domestic distribution rights to the franchise; Warner Bros. took international. When the rights reverted back to Cunningham in full, he took F13 to New Line in an attempt to make a Freddy vs. Jason easier to push through the works. New Line had control of the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise at that point, so it seemed like a good idea, but even still, it took another 10 years to get the project to market. New Line has since become part of Warner Bros. and when they relaunched the franchise in 2009, it turned out that Paramount still had a 50% stake in the franchise. 

Now it is 2013, and Paramount has taken the reins to Christopher Nolan's upcoming tentpole, Interstellar. Warner Bros. has a lucrative relationship with the director, having released his Dark Knight trilogy and stand-alone Inception to both high praise and high box office receipts. Naturally, Warner Bros. wants another piece of the Nolan pie, so they have traded their stake in the Friday the 13th franchises to Paramount, in exchange for co-financing Interstellar - and hopefully reaping the rewards.

This decision had to be relatively easy for Warner Bros, who has been trying to get a sequel to their rebooted F13 off the ground since 2009, but the shared stake in the franchise caused plenty of problems, and obviously has kept the sequel from moving forward. Similarly, we have never gotten a cohesive blu-ray set of the entire Friday the 13th franchise because the rights were shared by multiple studios. Now that it is all under one roof, it would be insane for Paramount not to take advantage and release an insane, comprehensive box set. 

The catch in this deal (there is always a catch) is that Paramount has the rights for five years. Usually, this means that Paramount will retain the rights if they make at least one Friday the 13th movie in that time, then the rights reset and they will have another five years to make another installment. So with the rights no longer divided between two studios, it seems that there should be no hold-up in another Jason Voorhees movie.

Source: Hollywood Reporter