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Your Guide to Halloween TV 2013


It’s the most wonderful time of year. Halloween. Everyone on TV celebrates, not just The Walking Dead and Grimm. To get the most out of your Halloween TV viewing experience, here is your guide to Halloween-flavored TV shows for 2013. I have opted not to focus on shows like The Vampire Diaries or American Horror Story, which are scary every episode. Instead, I am focusing on sitcoms and other episodic television that don’t usually focus on ghosts and gore.

October 16th

Toy Story of Terror (ABC) - Featuring the original cast of the Toy Story movies, this all-new special sends the toys on a roadtrip. When they get stranded at a sketchy roadside motel, bad things start happening.

Super Fun Night (ABC) - The freshman comedy sees Rebel Wilson’s character, Kimmie, trying to surprise her office crush with an “outrageously” sexy Halloween costume at the office party.

October 18th

Last Man Standing (ABC) - Mom Vanessa scares son Boyd when she takes over the school’s haunted house fundraiser and it proves to be too intense.

The Neighbors (ABC) - Alien-posing-as-human Larry decides to create a new holiday based on his two favorite: Challoweenukah.

October 22nd

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) - The annual Halloween special sends the Liars to a very unusual costume party.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (Fox) - Halloween is always an especially busy night of the year for any police department, and Brooklyn 99 is no exception.

The New Girl (Fox) - A Halloween party serves as a backdrop to “catfish” one of the roommates.

October 25th

The Neighbors (ABC) - Rerun of last years’s “Halloween-ween.”

The Simpsons (Fox) - An encore presentation of this year’s “Treehouse of Horrors,” followed by last year’s episode.

October 29th

Trophy Wife (ABC) - There is a homemade costume mishap, and a teenage misfit is held hostage for tricks he pulled last Halloween. Yup, this is a sitcom.

The Goldbergs (ABC) - Traditional Halloween family time is threatened when the kids decide they want to spend the holiday with their friends.

October 30th

The Middle (ABC) - Oldest child Axl is hazed by his football team and not allowed to attend his own Halloween party; middle child Sue holds a seance and is haunted by the ghost of Christopher Columbus; youngest child Brick heads to a Halloween dance.

Back in the Game (ABC) - The kids must devise a plan to defeat bullies so they can have a successful night of trick-or-treating.

Modern Family (ABC) - Rerun of last year’s “Open House of Horror”

October 31st

Parks & Recreation (NBC) - Halloween haunted house plans are interrupted by a recall vote.

Welcome to the Family (NBC) - This teenage pregnancy sitcom sees Junior and Ella attending a very different Halloween party.

Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) - The doctors get a “barrage of spooky patients” in this long-running nighttime soap.

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown (ABC) - The Halloween classic airs on ABC this year.